Considering the environmental impact of audiovisual productions, we have developed this accreditation to recognize eco-responsible productions in Quebec. It is intended for film sets that wish to undertake and have recognized a sustainable development approach. Thus, the goal of the project is to promote and encourage the implementation of eco-responsible practices in audiovisual productions.

In conclusion, to obtain the Rolling green accreditation, productions must implement a series of eco-responsible measures on their set and be able to demonstrate the actions taken.

There are three levels of accreditation:

The Commitment level is a self-declaration. The production must implement at least twelve (12) environmentally responsible actions from a pre-established list and only descriptive evidences are required.

The Performance level includes a document audit.
You must select the actions implemented on your production from a pre-established list. Each action allows you to accumulate points. Forty-five (45) points are required to qualify. Finally, you will have to give proof of the actions taken (photos, invoices, etc.).

The Excellence level includes a document audit and a visit to the site. You must select the actions implemented on your production from a pre-established list. Thus, each action allows you to accumulate points. Eighty-five (85) points are required to qualify. You are also require to show proof of the taken actions (photos, invoices, etc.) and a visit will be scheduled to validate everything.

The choice of level should be made early in the accreditation process. In fact, it is best to start the process in pre-production, as this makes planning easier. Then, you can submit your file when the shooting is over and the file is completed.  Then, it is submitted to an independent committee of environmental and audiovisual experts for deliberation. Finally, in the last step, the committee examines the evidence and, after analyzing the file, decides if the level is granted.



Becoming an accredited eco-responsible stage allows you to :

  • Make a formal commitment to sustainable development
  • Set yourself apart through your environmentally responsible practices 
  • Encourage the audiovisual production community to improve its practices
  • Question your practices and undertake a process to improve them
  • Obtain visibility and opportunities

Terms and conditions

There is no fee to submit your application for the Commitment level.

For the Performance and Excellence levels, the cost is $200 + 5% administration fees + tx (not refundable). It includes a follow-up with a team of environmental experts to answer your questions and help you submit your application. 

For more information and to submit your application, contact

Thank you to all the productions soon to be accredited!

Single All the Way, Muse Entertainment and Netflix

White Dog, Go Films

Bravo Fest, Éloi production

Falcon Lake, Metafilms

Pilote Académie, Viking Film


Pilotes projects

Caroline Gendron, sustainability steward
Single All the Way, Muse Entertainment et Netflix

Stéphane Doyon, Logistics manager/production manager
Chien blanc, Go Films

Laura Llorens et Avril Tremblay, production coordinator
Bravo Fest!, Éloi production

Rosalie Chicoine Perreault,, Producer’s assistant, Pascal Bascaron, Production Director et Sylvain Corbeil, owner
Falcon Lake, Metafilms

Luke Bélanger, producer/screenwriter/Director et Paulette Lévesque, production manager
Pilote Académie, Viking Film

They gave us their comments:

Mélanie S. Dubois
Producer, MÉMO FILMS

Francesca Waltzing
Script and vice president, fiction and advertisement


 Anne-Valérie Tremblay
Financing Consultant, AQPM

Philippe Montel
Production manager, Production Belzébuth

Bethan Mowat
President of the Directors Guilde of Canada, freelancer

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