Carbon Calculator

The carbon calculator: the essential eco-responsible tool for audiovisual productions to calculate your environmental footprint.

The Carbon Calculator is a tool that allows all productions, regardless of genre or budget, to measure their carbon footprint using an easy-to-use platform created specifically for the sector. The tool also offers a carbon footprint reduction plan to help productions take steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

The tool was developed by Albert, an organization founded in 2011 in the UK and governed by an industry consortium that helps all actors working in film and television to support them in their transition to positive environmental change.

The carbon calculator has been adapted to the environmental reality of Quebec (e.g. hydroelectricity) and is now available in French.


Where to start?

Before starting your official steps, we invite you to read this user’s guide for the Albert platform and the carbon calculator, which will allow you to better understand the different tools at your disposal.

How to use the carbon calculator?

The use of the carbon calculator requires the completion of a few steps, in order to take full advantage of all its features. Below, you will find 4 links to information videos concerning its use, in order to accompany you step by step in your journey.

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