Téo Taxi, a proud partner of the On Tour Vert action plan, gave us an interview on its eco-responsible involvement in the industry!

– Téo Taxi: the ecological cab service!

Rolling Green spoke with Fréderic Prégent, General Manager of Taxelco, the largest cab dispatcher in Quebec, about the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Learn more about the electric cab brand, Téo Taxi, the market leader and rallying partner of the Rolling green project!


– Téo Taxi: cabs with electric vehicles

The company, created in 2019, is already a leader in the world of electric cabs. Focusing not only on customer service, but also on ecological values, Téo Taxi has managed to create a fine balance between practicality and effective actions for the environment.

In 2020, 472,656 kg of CO2 were saved thanks to their service.

We want more brands with concrete green actions and big plans!


– Teo Taxi’s answers to Rolling Green’s questions


– The reasons for partnering with the Rolling Green  project


“At Téo Taxi, we are committed to promoting green actions.

This is why we have chosen to partner with Rolling Green. This gives us the opportunity to join forces with several players to help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases.

With the desire to participate and offer a greener world, Teo Taxi is a natural choice when it comes to taking an ecological transportation. We are one of the only companies to offer electric cabs in the Montreal area, so it was natural for us to join forces with an organization that also promotes this aspect.

Our service serves a variety of people, from office hours to atypical schedules, such as in the artistic field.

– Audiovisual professionals welcomed Téo Taxi

“When Teo Taxi was launched, the artistic world and audiovisual professionals immediately embraced the project.

With schedules that are different from the usual 9 to 5, this public greatly appreciates our services, whether it’s for a last-minute or reserved trip. Everything is possible because there are always vehicles available: the average waiting time is 5 minutes.

Evening, night or early morning, there will always be a driver to answer the call.

The audiovisual public also appreciates the quality of the service which has a controlled environment: whether it is the drivers or the vehicle, there are rules to respect.

And of course, the environmental aspect was very appealing!”

– A green initiative that will change the world

“Since Téo Taxi is a Taxelco brand, we want to introduce electric vehicles for all our brands.

Téo Taxi has a fleet of about 50 vehicles that has already prevented several thousand kg of CO2. But we want to increase this number with a total fleet of 1500 electric vehicles for the parent company Taxelco.

Green initiatives don’t just involve the use of our electric vehicles, it goes beyond that!”

– Corporate culture and eco-friendly values

“Right now, the green version of the cab industry is attracting a lot of people, including employees. Within the company, all of our employees know that this is something that needs to be emphasized.

Often at events, we do a lot of reuse and will look to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible.

The purchases we make for the company are also checked: we closely monitor the products and do the necessary research. Items purchased are made with an eco-consciousness and Teo Taxi chooses options that leave the least carbon footprint.

A little extra too, we also want to redo our website and move it to a host that will have less of an environmental impact than what we have now, but that’s a project for the future.”

– Future projects: developing the electric cab service

“One of the projects is to create “the forest of Teo”. For example, at Téo Taxi we would like people who use gasoline-powered vehicles to be able to compensate with an additional amount that would allow us to plant trees.

By planting more trees, it will help create a balance, although ideally we would like to have trees and electric vehicles only!”

The conclusion of Rolling Green

Located in the Montreal area, Teo Taxi is a major player in the ecology and eco-responsibility. With their desire to transform the cab industry for a greener turn and to bring it up to date, both in terms of environment and customer service, we can only applaud these initiatives and support them!

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