Annie Baribeau, Market Manager (Eastern Canada) Media and Entertainment Industry at RBC, talks about the actions they have put in place to make their clients aware of the environment and how eco-friendly actions on sets is joining them. Individuals or businesses, no matter what the field, RBC also offers options when it comes to make eco-friendly investments.

A shared environmental focus

RBC in its Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy is convinced of the merits of sustainable development and puts forward initiatives to collaborate with its clients & communities.

The QFTC was the perfect partner for RBC’s desire to get closer to its audiovisual clients. An independent jury was created for the awarding of the Rolling Green accreditation, of which Ms. Baribeau is a member. 

As she became involved in the jury, Ms. Baribeau discovered what goes on behind the scenes on film sets: Many small or large actions can make a huge difference to the environment, for example: The use of electric vehicles, the recycling of materials used for sets and costumes, the replacement of individual water bottles by reusable bottles and/or the purchase of supplies from local suppliers in order to minimize transportation that is harmful to ecosystems, etc. The audio-visual industry, whether in Quebec, Canada or abroad, is increasingly aware of climate issues, but many efforts remain to be made.

These are only a few examples among many, and that is why undertaking the accreditation process of Rolling Green contributes to the evolution of the mentalities of the audiovisual industry in Quebec.

RBC Answers to Green Matters
RBC: the environment at the heart of its projects

We asked Ms. Baribeau if there were any projects that particularly affected the audiovisual industry, and here is her response:

“The environment concerns everyone, and as a result, the projects affect individuals as well as businesses, regardless of the field. The goal is to equip our clients to make the transition to carbon neutrality and to go digital.

We have and will continue to make significant investments to support the transition to digital and to create and enhance the various online platforms for all our services.

We are aiming for paperless transactions as much as possible, which is why we believe that this project can reach many sectors, including the audiovisual industry.

In fact, it is one of the projects we have invested in the most and that we feel strongly about.”

Innovative projects: between technology and eco-responsibility

We asked the Director of Media and Entertainment to tell us about a project that was particularly close to her heart.

“We have so many great initiatives at RBC that it’s hard to single out just one. But if I had to narrow it down, it would be digital accessibility by 2025. All transactions, appointments and services are already accessible online from phone, tablet or computer.

We are really aiming to improve and make people aware of digital: it’s faster, and it allows you to limit car journeys, so it’s a big advantage for everyone.

In addition, it is also possible to get appointments in the evenings and on weekends for different services.

The RBC Nature Tech project is a great example of what we like to bring to our communities, sustainability and eco-responsibility. It’s really something special that fits with the values we want to convey.”


RBC’s Corporate Green Culture


“RBC tries to encourage these values that it affects the daily lives of its employees. Whether it’s something as simple as avoid waste, walking instead of driving to the grocery store next door or volunteering with organizations that impact our ecosystems. We all have an ecological conscience in our actions.

For some professions, working face-to-face is essential. However, for others, it is possible to do a hybrid version and be able to stay home some days. This allows us to reduce the use of the car, the waiting time and therefore the way we work contributes to reducing GHG emissions.

More generally, RBC is almost paperless. We keep going with our efforts in this direction and the pandemic has greatly contributed to accelerate this green action. All of our electronics are either recycled (locally) or donated to community organizations.

For the RBC, the environmental issue is not just a “publicity stunt”, but really something they apply on a daily basis for their business, but also when it comes to making investments. There is still work to be done in this regard.

Green Investments at RBC

Finance is often criticized for supporting high-polluting industries, but RBC offers investments in companies that put the environment first.

“The environment is on the minds of many people and businesses. That’s why we offer environmentally responsible investment strategies. It’s really a personalized accompaniment to structure a portfolio according to our clients’ desires.”

The conclusion of Rolling Green

RBC, one of the most recognized banks in North America, sees a greener future. They are implementing concrete actions such as eco-friendly investment strategies or large-scale projects such as Techno-Nature or the reduction of paper by investing in the transition to digital.
In short, they are making finance more accessible and environmentally responsible.