The Quebec Film and Television Council (QFTC) proudly announces the Rolling Green Rendez-Vous, the very first major event dedicated to promoting eco-responsibility within the audiovisual industry. Scheduled for March 26th at the Cinémathèque de Montréal, this event promises an enriching day with panels, workshops, networking opportunities, and various other activities, all accessible free of charge.

Acting collectively for a sustainable future

According to a recent Telefilm study conducted on 22 Canadian productions, the average emissions generated are estimated at 280 tons equivalent CO2. It is therefore essential to mobilize the industry to collectively act in favor of the environment.


Christine Maestracci, CEO of the QFTC, emphasizes the importance of eco-responsibility in the audiovisual industry: “Given the numerous challenges that the Quebec audiovisual industry has faced in recent years, the green shift must be a priority for our ecosystem. By collaborating closely and collectively, we have the capacity to make substantial changes in reducing environmental impacts and ensuring the prosperous future of our industry.”


The Rolling Green Rendez-Vous aims to bring together all stakeholders in the audiovisual industry. This day aims to raise awareness among participants about the environmental impact of their activities and create moments of reflection on the industry’s key issues. In recent months, Rolling Green has focused particularly on the environmental impact of visual effects and animation studios, leading to the creation of a new accreditation and a guide of best practices.

On the agenda : Panels, workshops, and networking

The Rolling Green Rendez-Vous offers a variety of sessions to deepen discussions on eco-responsibility. Several panels will address different environmental aspects and challenges of the industry, such as the environmental impact of digital and studio technologies, education on eco-responsible production in studies, and the impact of the climate crisis on the industry from a social perspective.

A collaborative workshop will provide a unique opportunity for participants to work together to develop concrete solutions in favor of eco-responsibility. The program will conclude with a networking session allowing all participants to share their perspectives and enrich the discussions.

Acknowledgments to essential event partners

A huge thank you to our partners, Economic Development Canada for the Quebec regions and Caisse de la culture Desjardins, for their crucial support in realizing this innovative event!

Rolling Green : A crucial commitment for the future of the industry

Rolling Green, born out of collaboration between the QFTC, Québécor, and the CQEER, has been working for nearly three years to raise awareness, equip, and guide the industry toward an ecological transition. The program provides production managers with free tools, including a directory of ethical and local suppliers, guides of best practices, and educational webinars, promoting the integration of sustainable measures from the planning phase.

Encouraging productions to adopt eco-responsible practices, Rolling Green has created a three-level accreditation, awarded to date to 59 productions. In 2023, a collaboration with SODEC gave rise to a training program comprising over 30 hours of courses, 10 hours of personalized guidance, and a $4,000 grant to facilitate the implementation of eco-responsible measures.

The Rolling Green Rendez-Vous offers a unique opportunity for the industry to come together around a common goal: building a sustainable future for cinema and television in Quebec. Discover how Rolling Green can accompany you in the eco-responsible transition of the audiovisual industry by visiting the website