On March 27, 2023 we presented the very first environmental impact study of an audiovisual production in Quebec!

This impact study is based on the case of the production La Meute produced by Max Films Media and KO24. The objective of this study is to conduct a first quantification and analysis of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by a Quebec feature film.

The study presents the methodology, the measures implemented, the results in the form of a carbon footprint, as well as several recommendations.

It is important to note, however, that the carbon footprint of the production La Meute is not representative of a regular Quebec feature film, since the production team has implemented numerous eco-responsible measures to reduce its carbon footprint. La Meute has received the highest level of accreditation, the Excellence level.

We would like to thank all the partners who supported the realization of this study: Telefilm Canada, CQEER, BCTQ, AQPM, and a big thank you to the Max Films Media and KO24 team, especially to Félize Frappier, producer and president of Max Films Media, and Laurence-Lavoie-Tremblay, executive assistant

Watch the presentation of the study!

On March 27th we presented the study at the Center for sustainable developement. The presentation covers the key points of the study and Félize Frappier and Laurence Lavoie-Tremblay shared their experience. (please note that the presentation is only available in French)